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A Little Bit About Our Professional Tow Truck Drivers

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             towing service Atlanta GA We train every single one of our tow truck drivers to be respectful and courteous to our customers and other drivers on the road.
All accidents come with some injury whether it be minor, or major, so we train our towing service employees at Automotive Towing to make safety the number one concern.
When selecting tow truck drivers for our company, we ensure that they are the right drivers for both our towing company and our customers.  Each wrecker service operator has extensive background checks performed to ensure the safety of our clients.
Before putting them out on the road, our drivers are tested to ensure they know everything about every emergency towing situation they may encounter.
We provide you 24/ 7 emergency towing service that comes in and handles the hauling of your vehicle without any added stress.  Call us at 404-948-5744

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